It has become known as the ‘Obama death stare.’

It’s the photo of President Obama and his team in the White House Situation Room monitoring the progress of the Navy SEALs ‘kill operation’ on Osama bin Laden.

The tension is visible on the faces. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had her hand over her mouth. At least two people have their arms crossed. Obama’s look, however, is the tensest of them all.

His jaws were tightly clenched and his eyes held an intense glare. Even the blood vessels near his temple were bulging.

There were a total of 13 people in the room. They were:

President Barack Obama

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates

Director For Counterterrorism Audrey Tomason

Vice President Joe Biden

National Security Advisor to Joe Biden Antony Blinken

Chief Counterterrorism Advisor to Barack Obama John Brennan

Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough

Brigadier General Marshall Webb

Admiral Mike Mullen

National Security Advisor Tom Donilon

Chief of Staff Bill Daley

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper