Ohio University Punter
Ohio University punter Paul Hershey isn't excited about playing in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. He said in a tweet it's too cold in Idaho in December. Ohio University

Ohio University punter Paul Hershey seems to have a problem with Idaho.

Typically, college football players are excited when their teams get bowl game invitations -- especially when their teams play in the lesser-known Mid-American Conference, like Ohio University. MAC teams often play mid-week games for television exposure, and they aren't included in the BCS despite having full Division 1 status.

So any bowl game would be a winner, right?

Not from Hershey's perspective. After hearing the news that the Bobcats got and accepted -- of course -- an invitation to play in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl in Boise, Idaho in December, Hershey aired his frustrations on Twitter.

Idaho?? Hershey tweeted. Who the (bleep) wants to play there in December??

Obviously not Hershey.

After he received considerable attention from followers and others after the tweet, which quickly became controversial, Hershey tweeted a sort-of explanation to Toledo Blade writer Zach Silka, saying, As the punter, obviously I don't want to play in the cold.

Right after that, Hershey, who led the MAC in 2010 in punting, deleted his Twitter account, thus no more tweets from the disgruntled Ohio University punter. It isn't known if he deleted the account on his own accord, or was told to by Ohio University officials.

Either way, Ohio University is indeed heading to the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. The Bobcats, 9-4, will play the Utah State Aggies on Dec. 17 at 3:30 p.m. MST at Boise State's Bronco Stadium. And while Hershey is apparently not excited about the bowl game, some in Boise are.

Only a few dozen cities are fortunate to host bowl games, and with the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl we have the opportunity to shine a national spotlight on the iconic product that has been so crucial to our city and our state, said David H. Bieter, mayor of Boise. All of us who have 'Famous Potatoes' on our license plates can show our Idaho pride by purchasing tickets to the game, which supports our local economy and benefits charities critical to our community.

And presmubably, fans buying tickets also get the opportunity to let Hershey know how they feel about his tweet.