OnePlus Bullets Wireless
The Bullets Wireless Bluetooth headphones will be available on June 5 for $69. OnePlus

OnePlus not only announced its latest flagship Android phone, but it also unveiled a new pair of wireless headphones. Called the OnePlus Bullets Wireless, the new pair of Bluetooth headphones will be available sometime in early June for just $69.

The Bullets Wireless are the very first wireless headphones from OnePlus and they come with some really neat features for their relatively affordable price. Unlike the $159 Apple AirPods, the Bullets Wireless aren’t completely wireless. They come with a wire that connects the two earbuds together. That same wire is where the in-line controls are located and it’s also where the built-in battery is stored. They feature standard volume and play/pause buttons. Users will also be able to call on Google Assistant by long pressing the play/pause button.

The Bullets Wireless come with an aluminum build and OnePlus says it is water and sweat resistant. This should be great news for users who want a pair of wireless headphones to listen to their favorite songs while working out. The buds come with an in-ear design that should ensure a snug fit for most users. If that’s not enough, the Bullets Wireless also have built-in silicon fins for a more secure fit.

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless are also magnetic, so users will be able to snap the headphones together and wear the headphones comfortably around their neck when not being used. A neat feature here is that when the headphones are snapped together, they will turn off automatically. When the buds are unsnapped, they will turn on automatically.

If the Bullets Wireless are connected to the OnePlus 6, 5T or the OnePlus 5, snapping the buds together will automatically pause the music. Pulling them apart will automatically resume music playback. OnePlus says that this feature will also work for answering and finishing calls in an upcoming future software update, according to Android Authority.

OnePlus says the Bullets Wireless pack in eight hours of battery life. The company was also able to incorporate fast charging to the Bluetooth headphones. The company says that a 10-minute charge will be enough for five hours of music playback. Another bonus here is that users won’t need OnePlus’s Dash Charge charging brick to take advantage of the fast charging feature. Fast charging will work with any USB Type-C charging cables, according to Engadget.

In terms of actual sound quality, OnePlus says that the Bullets Wireless are able to deliver superior audio. The device is packing Qualcomm’s aptX audio, which ensures high definition audio delivery through Bluetooth. The buds themselves contain 9.2mm drivers to deliver richer bass.

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless will be available from the OnePlus online store starting on June 5.