Does The Fed Add Fuel To Inflation?

The American economy is adding close to half a million jobs a month. Unemployment is hovering close to a 20-year low. Meanwhile, inflation is running at an annual rate of 7.5%, a 40-year high.

Bitcoin Won't Solve Uber's Problem

Accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to pay for trips will create a great deal of buzz for Uber, but it won't solve its big problem: the failure to capture value for their stockholders.

Inflation Is Everywhere—Where’s The Fed?

Inflation is everywhere, from the factory floor to the warehouse gate, the supermarket register, and the kitchen table, as evidenced by a string of inflation reports confirming the rise of commodity prices across the board.

Finding Time To Make Money

Time = Money. No truer equation has ever been written. Unfortunately, that equation does not take into account the facts of real life.



Amazon Could Lift PayPal Up

Venmo is popular with younger generations, and the adoption of the product by Amazon could help bring the buzz back to the online payments company.
Amazon announces profit doubled in most recent earnings

Amazon Should Watch Out For Walmart

Amazon's recent price hike for its Prime program could send customers to Walmart, which has left the price of its premium loyalty program unchanged.
Social Security Card

Is Social Security Dead?

Social Security is usually the first thing considered when people start to think about funding their future retirement.