Oscars 2012 red carpet weirdness
Oscars 2012 red carpet weirdness abounded, with odd appearances by Nick Nolte, Sasha Baron Cohen, Melanie Griffith and others. oscar.go.com

Oscars 2012 red carpet weirdness abounded, with odd appearances by Nick Nolte, Sasha Baron Cohen, Melanie Griffith and others. Here's our rundown of some of the most off-the-wall moments of the 84th-annual Academy Awards:

Melanie Griffith:

Antonio Banderas' wife Melanie Griffith seemed a little off on the red carpet during her interview alongside her husband. When she was asked the staple question who are you wearing, she came off as shell-shocked, or as if she was too out of it to quickly grasp the question: Who am I wearing? Versace, she finally spit out of her lips, which looked a little botox-ed at best. Melanie Griffith then went on to talk awkwardly about how happy she was for her husband, I'm always proud of him. I'm proud of him. He's the director of the short. He's the nominee, she said referring first to Banderas, and then to short animated film Oscar nominee Enrico Casarosa. The odd series of comments set Twitter abuzz with rumors that she is on drugs and has undergone serious plastic surgery: At least you can count on some things in life...Melanie Griffith is high! one guy exclaimed, while Melanie Griffith's face is lifted so high she has a goatee spread like wildfire on the social networking site after she strolled down the red carpet.

Nick Nolte:

Nick Nolte is always good for a head-scratching moment of weirdness, and the actor did not disappoint Sunday night at the 84th-annual Academy Awards. The Thin Red Line star was up for a Best Supporting Actor nod (which he didn't win) for his powerful performance in Warrior, but he made more headlines during his red carpet interview. English reporter Louise Roe asked him a question to start off his remarks, and he responded that he'd reply if I could understand what you said. Kinda strange. And he went on to explain that he is excited to be there, despite his previous remarks otherwise, and to detail the history of his pet crows. Odd. The guy also looked weird, peering out from behind Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge sunglasses and looking like a red-faced Saint Nick. Not as bad as his 2002 mugshot, in which he looked like he'd stuck his finger in a light socket, but still not ol' Nick's finest hour.

Sasha Baron Cohen:

Funnyman Sasha Baron Cohen promised Oscars 2012 red carpet weirdness during the lead-up to the main event, and he did not let any of his fans down, arriving in full costume and character from his forthcoming film The Dictator. Replete with massive beard, dark shades and an oddly Kaddafi-esque get-up, Cohen made quite the impression at the award ceremony. As if Cohen's duds weren't odd enough, his antics were even stranger, as he spilled Kim Jong Il's ashes on Ryan Seacrest during his red carpet interview. I'm wearing John Galliano ... the socks are from K-Mart, Baron, who was in Hugo, told Seacrest before spilling a powdery substance on him. Part of me thought he would be up to something, Seacrest responded. Always oddness with Cohen, who is best known for his portrayals of Borat and Bruno in his films by those names.

Robert Downey Jr.:

Downey Jr.'s Oscars 2012 weirdness wasn't on the red carpet, but he was hilarious (and totally bonkers) during his announcement with Gwyneth Paltrow of the Best Documentary Feature winner Sunday night. He started out by Tebowing backstage, taking a knee in prayer for the cameras in the style of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Then he emerged on stage to announce that he's filming a documentary called, 'The Presenter'. He goes on to announce with Paltrow as a video camera buzzes around them. He strikes odd poses and repeatedly interrupts his co-presenter, saying get this as she pulls him in close to criticize his off-the-wall skit. He says he turned down 'The Descendants', then calls his performance bleeding edge. This is live documentary. Gwyneth retorts that That's called the news! The whole thing was most definitely done in jest, but it was yet another moment of Oscars 2012 weirdness.

Mic Trouble:

Mic check anyone? Testing, testing. One, two? What was the deal with the shoddy sound at film's biggest night. As the night progressed the sound got worse and worse, as the microphone was picking up what sounded like extraterrestrial metal glinting off the former Kodak Theatre. Or something. We're not sure why they couldn't get a sound guy in the middle of Tinseltown (or at least the Best Buy Geek Squad) to fix it. The topic trended on Twitter as the hashtag #YoOscarsSoundGuy, and Gizmodo couldn't resist asking What the Hell Is That Weird Noise at the Oscars? Neither could we.