• Torrential Downpour received a decent buff in the "New Horizon" update
  • Scrapnel's cluster bombs now arm and explode more quickly after the patch
  • This build is great against melee swarmers and immobile enemies

The “New Horizon” update for “Outriders” came with a healthy set of buffs to a lot of abilities and items in the game, including a few changes that make Anomaly Power Technomancer more fun to play.

For “Outriders” players who love to play with explosives, here’s a Scrapnel-focused build that’s excellent against mutant swarms and groups of melee enemies.

Legendary Armor

This build is designed around the Torrential Downpour set, which causes Scrapnel mines to spawn additional cluster bombs every time they’re triggered.

Torrential Downpour recently got a bit of a buff. It now spawns cluster bombs much faster than before, making Scrapnel more reliable.

Pair this with the Demolisher branch of the class tree to maximize damage or healing potential.

Priority Armor Stats

As with other ability-centric builds, players should focus on getting as much Anomaly Power as possible through weapons, armor or class tree nodes. Extra Cooldown Reduction is also recommended to make Scrapnel and other abilities more consistent.

Outriders - a third-person looter shooter from People Can Fly Outriders - a third-person looter shooter from People Can Fly Photo: People Can Fly

Keep in mind that different drops of the same Legendary gear piece always come with the same stats. However, the numerical value of each stat differs per piece, so try to hunt for a Torrential Downpour set that gives as much Anomaly Power or Cooldown Reduction as possible for best results.

Recommended Skills and Mods

Scrapnel is this build’s core ability, and it’ll be the one that players will spam the most. Make sure to have the Trap Cluster, More Traps or Supplies mods to increase the maximum number of throwable Scrapnel mines before the skill goes on cooldown. Add More Damage or Fine-Tuned if damage or explosion radius is required.

For secondary skills, take Blighted Rounds with Spare Mag or Trick Up The Sleeve for extra damage with gunfire and either Pain Launcher or Tools of Destruction for more opportunities to Interrupt elites or deal splash damage.

Recommended Weapons

This will largely depend on player needs and preferences. The build gives plenty of crowd clear potential with Scrapnel and decent single-target damage with Blighted Rounds, so players may want to get some weapons with Freezing Bullets for some extra crowd-control.

Perks like Shadow Comet, Claymore and Ultimate Storm Whip are great for piling on more damage. Meanwhile, Freezing Bullets and Stiffening can help make sure that Scrapnel explosions always hit.