• The "New Horizon" update will add new missions and introduce big gameplay changes
  • The update is free for all players
  • Major changes include the removal of Expedition timers and changes to how loot drops

Square Enix and People Can Fly are gearing up for the release of a major update for “Outriders” that’s set to include some very promising changes to improve the game’s overall health and playability.

The “New Horizon” update aims to implement a long list of changes to how the endgame portion of “Outriders” plays out with a bunch of new missions and tons of improvements to class abilities, weapons, loot and more.

Some of the biggest additions coming to this patch are four brand-new Expeditions, the removal of Expedition timers, a simple Transmog system and a rework to Tiago’s store. The developers gave more details about these changes in a megathread on Reddit that covers all important changes coming in the “New Horizon” update.

The Trickster - Outriders The Trickster - Outriders Photo: People Can Fly

The New Expeditions

These new missions will take place in unexplored regions in Enoch, including old Pax ruins and the insides of an active volcano. These new missions are the Molten Depths, the City of Nomads, the Marshall’s Complex and the Wellspring.

According to the developers, they wanted to provide players with new playgrounds to test out the upcoming gear and character changes.

Transmog System

The upcoming Transmog system for “Outriders” will be as simple as it gets. Players can apply any skin they want on any appropriate item without having to pay for anything. No in-game currencies or microtransactions will be involved.

Players can freely swap out gear skins so long as they obtained items in the past, similar to the Transmog system in “Diablo 3.”

Tiago’s Store Rework

To make loot farming less grindy, Tiago’s Store has received two new features: players will be able to re-roll his stock of Legendary items and a mystery Legendary item piece will be put on sale.

Legendary Loot and Expedition Changes

First, the Eye of the Storm mission will now have a pick-and-choose drop system that will include two armor pieces and one weapon. Players can only choose one from these three gear pieces.

Second, with the removal of Expedition timers, players will now earn rewards based on the Expedition itself. Those with longer base clear times will give better rewards compared to the shorter ones. However, Challenge Tiers will still play a significant role in the quality of rewards regardless of what Expedition is completed.

Lastly, paid Expeditions (paid for with Drop Pod Resources) will give better rewards than the “free” ones. This will incentivize players to risk their resources in exchange for better loot.

For the complete list of changes to legendary sets, character skills and mods, check out the megathread here.