• "Outriders" is now stable after a series of server outages
  • The game is the latest offering from People Can Fly and Square Enix
  • It introduces four classes, including the Trickster class

One of the flashy classes that "Outriders" players could use if they want to thrive on quick hit and run kills and get into deep enemy lines is the Trickster. This class works well for both solo and team players, providing great survivability and support potential. This guide offers the ultimate Trickster build that players could use from early in the game until the endgame if they want to cause heavy damage to enemies.

Trickster Sub-Class Players Should Pick

There are three sub-classes available under the Trickster class. These are the Harbinger, the Reaver and the Assassin. The Harbinger boosts health, shields and armor, making the Trickster a little bit tankier but does not do a lot of damage.

The Reaver is a decent sub-class for "Outriders" players who want to focus on the damage-dealing skill of the Trickster class. However, it still comes with limits to the real damage dealing potential of the Trickster. The best sub-class players could choose is the Assassin.

Outriders | This is Outriders [101] Outriders is a 1-3 player co-op RPG shooter set in an original, dark and desperate sci-fi universe. As mankind bleeds out in the trenches of Enoch, you’ll create your own Outrider and embark on a journey across the hostile planet. Photo: Square Enix YouTube Channel

It features perks that boost weapon damage, damage done behind enemies and short-range damage. This subclass also provides multiple boosts to all the Trickster skills. Compared to the two other sub-classes, this one allows players to access every tool in the class' arsenal.

The Assassin sub-class also increases the players' damage based on the number of proximate enemies killed. Maneuvering around enemies is fairly easy in this sub-class as it decreases players' movement skills. To boost the weapon damage by 50% and cause solid carnage to enemies, players can activate the subclass' deception skills.

Trickster Skills, Class Points

"Outriders" players could use the damage-dealing skill Temporal Blade, which summons anomaly blades not only to cause damage but also to interrupt enemies. Another skill that players could use for this build is Hunt the Prey. It teleports players behind an enemy of their choice and provides them a shield bonus. This skill enables players to achieve a quick kill by shooting enemies in the back.

Meanwhile, Twisted Rounds is the best skill players should get for single target damage. Players should match this with a good mod and weapon to cause incredible damage in a short span of time. For the Class Points, "Outriders" players could use Arms Trick to boost close range weapon damage by 15% and Concentration to increase Anomaly Power by 6%.

Trickster Armor Mods And Weapons

For the Headgear, players should get Twisted Fate and use Additional Mag for the Upper Armor. They should use Slasher for Lower Armor, Cut Loose for the Gloves and Weakening the Prey for the Footgear. For this build, players would want to use a reliable SMG or AR to perfectly go with the Twisted Round Skill.