• Firetrap makes enemies explode on the first hit of Thermal Bomb
  • Ashen Bloom causes more explosions when hitting enemies with Feed the Flames
  • Swap multi-cast or multi-target mods for defensive ones when survivability becomes an issue

The new expansion for “Outriders” added tons of new items to the game, and it opened up some interesting new builds for existing armor sets tailored for certain playstyles.

Here’s an updated Reforged Pyromancer build using some of the new mods and armor pieces added in “Worldslayer.”

Armor Mods

  • Thermal Reaction
  • Phoenix Force
  • Firetrap
  • Branded
  • Flame Grasper
  • Fire Frenzy
  • Unstoppable Force
  • Ashen Bloom
  • Power Assimilation
  • Double Fun/Big Boom

Players will need to get the helmet and chestplate of the Heat Seeker’s Set for Thermal Reaction and Firetrap. Meanwhile, Ashen Bloom can be obtained by wearing or scrapping the Scorched Zealot helmet.

This mod setup will stack multiple buffs for Feed the Flames and Thermal Bomb on top of the damage bonuses granted by the Reforged set. If survival ever becomes an issue, replace any of the multi-target mods like Flame Grasper and Double Fun with defensive mods.

The Heat Seeker's Chestplate, added in the Worldslayer expansion for Outriders
The Heat Seeker's Chestplate, added in the Worldslayer expansion for Outriders Outriders

Weapons and Abilities

Players can choose between Deathshield and the new Final Penance legendary double gun, which grants a 10% Anomaly Power buff for every critical hit that stacks up to four times. Pair the primary perks of these weapons with Burning Bullets or Moloch’s Revenge.

Use Overheat for the third ability slot. This ability can serve as a decent panic button, allowing players to heal back to full health if enough enemies get hit by its unpowered blast. This skill also lets players detonate enemies hit by Thermal Bomb.

As for the class tree, go down the Tempest branch and take the following major nodes:

  • With Fire And Anomaly
  • Inferno Bullets
  • Phoenix Nestling (with Phoenix subnode)
  • Grave Ablaze

For Pax passives, take all of the bottom nodes.

Build Playstyle

The build revolves around cycling between Feed the Flames and Thermal Bomb to keep the Reforged set’s bonus up on every cast.

For single-target DPS, use Thermal Bomb first, then follow up with Feed the Flames and Overheat to deal as much damage as possible to a boss or elite unit. Reverse the cast order for better damage against multiple enemies.

Make sure to sneak a few gunshots in between skill casts to proc the perks on Deathshield and Final Penance for even more ability damage.