• Classes received two new legendary sets from the new expansion
  • The Pyromancer's legendary sets revolve around casting abilities to deal damage
  • The Scorched Zealot set meshes well with other legendary sets

The “Worldslayer” expansion for “Outriders” is now available, and it comes with tons of new content for fans of the game to enjoy, including a few new powerful legendary armor sets for each of the classes.

The Pyromancer’s new legendaries are particularly strong, especially when it comes to clearing hordes of enemies. Here’s an overview of each new set introduced in the expansion.

The Heat Seeker Set

The Heat Seeker armor is tailor-made for fans of the Thermal Bomb skill, which debuffs enemies and causes them to explode when killed.

When equipped, the Heat Seeker set will cause Thermal Bomb kills to hunt down the enemy with the lowest HP within 25 meters, priming them for another explosion, albeit 50% weaker than normal. This effect chains up to three times.

Since the seeker always goes for the weakest enemy, this allows Pyromancers to easily delete entire groups of targets by setting off Thermal Bomb detonations with other abilities like Overheat or Heatwave.

The set also comes with new mods like Turn Up The Heat, which grants an extra cast of Overheat cooldown, and Fire Trap, which causes Marked or Burning targets to explode when hit by Thermal Bomb.

The Scorched Zealot Set

This armor set is an interesting one. Instead of directly buffing a single ability like Heat Seeker, Scorched Zealot modifies the basic melee ability to shoot a fireball toward targets. The projectile inflicts damage and Ash in a 5-meter radius around the point of impact.

Scorched Zealot primarily synergizes with Feed the Flames, as hitting enemies with the skill increases the fireball’s damage.

The armor pieces also come with mods like Ashen Bloom, which causes enemies to explode and inflict Ash when hit by Feed the Flames, and Scorched Earth, which causes Heatwave to travel backward after reaching its maximum range.

These mods open Scorched Zealot’s individual armor pieces up for synergies with other sets like Acari and Reforged, greatly expanding the existing buildcrafting potential of the Pyromancer class. When paired with the new ability nodes from the Pax skill tree, players will be able to spam their abilities recklessly, causing widespread destruction.

The Reforged set for Pyromancers in Outriders
The Reforged set for Pyromancers in Outriders Outriders