• Devastators and Pyromancers now have less one-shot potential
  • Tricksters received sweeping buffs to most offensive abilities
  • Technomancers received better healing and sniper capabilities

The first major balance patch of “Outriders Worldslayer” is now live, and it’s brought with it some massive buffs to some underperforming systems, along with some nerfs to things that were a little too powerful for their own good.

There’s a lot of ground to cover in this new update, and the complete patch notes can be read here. For those who want a summary of all the changes done to each of the classes, here’s a brief look at everything fans need to know.


In summary, the Devastator’s Multistrike and Terms of Engagement passives have been capped to prevent instant boss kills. However, their other passive nodes have been buffed to increase build diversity. Some armor sets and pieces were tweaked as well

Apart from some notable damage number tweaks (including a nerf to Despair’s multiplier), Paladin and Champion now activate after every skill. This opens up tons of potential Devastator builds that don’t rely on using Reflect Bullets as a buff skill.

Also, the Concussioner set now has Firepower stats to better synergize with the top Pax tree.


Lethal Devices now has a 0.2-second cooldown to prevent absurd damage stacking, and the Twin Reaper tree has seen a small buff to encourage more sniper builds.

Kinetic Converter had its cooldown reduced to one second, so players should now be able to use the overheal mechanic more often.

The Torrential Downpour set’s Scrapnel cluster scaling was also increased to 115% of Anomaly Power.


There will be less ability spam across the board thanks to nerfs to Convection and Arsonist. The former’s cooldown reduction has been reduced to only two seconds to prevent it from instantly refreshing abilities, while the latter’s got reduced to four seconds.

The Pyromancer using the Heatseeker armor set in Outriders Worldslayer
The Pyromancer using the Heatseeker armor set in Outriders Worldslayer Outriders Worldslayer

To compensate, the other Pax trees were buffed. Critical hit builds should now be stronger with Critical Mass and Solar Flare. Trigger Sequence and Burnt Offerings now have stronger scalings to compensate for the nerf to Master Exploder and Resistance Piercing.

The Reforged Set has also gotten its Feed the Flames and Thermal Bomb damage bonuses to 200% to make up for Heatseeker’s dominance.


The Trickster received a handful of buffs to almost every damage-dealing ability in their kit, from duration increases to small damage and resistance shred increases. Both AP and FP Tricksters can expect a better performance overall, especially with the buff to Terminal Velocity’s weapon damage bonus.