• More Apocalypse-tier gear should drop from Tarya Gratar
  • Some Technomancer sets will synergize properly with the new Pax skills
  • The game now has better technical performance than before

A recent patch for “Outriders Worldslayer” may have lacked the quantity that many players anticipated, but it did bring about some significant changes to some of the game’s core systems.

People Can Fly released the first update since launching the new expansion, and it targeted some inconsistencies with the Technomancer’s legendary sets and the Tarya Gratar endgame loot farming loop. Here’s a summary of what changed in the latest update.

Technomancer Legendary Sets

According to the developers, they wanted to make the Technomancer’s armor sets more consistent with the new Pax skill tree. As such, the Torrential Downpour and Grim Inventor sets now scale off Status Power instead of Life Leech and Cooldown Reduction.

Meanwhile, the Plague Sower set now comes with Long Range Damage instead of Close-Range Damage to make it more consistent with its overall theme.

The Grim Inventor's Mask for Technomancers in Outriders
The Grim Inventor's Mask for Technomancers in Outriders Outriders

The changes should make the aforementioned Technomancer sets feel more powerful with the new Pax tree bonuses, especially with the Depleted Core node that increases Ordnance skill damage by 100% of Status Power. The changes will also affect the rest of the Desolator tree since it focuses on Toxin and status effects.

The developers noted the changes were not made in response to possible balance issues. A fully balance pass is coming in the future.

Tarya Gratar Loot Changes

The treasure troves in the lost city of Tarya Gratar have proven to be underwhelming upon launch. As a response, the developers decided to make the side areas more rewarding by buffing the drop rates for Apocalypse-tier purples and legendaries.

Before, an entire Trial of Tarya Gratar run would drop at least six Apocalypse-tier legendary items. With the new patch, this has been increased to nine.

This change should make the entire Tarya Gratar runs more valuable on top of the usual farming method of repeatedly fighting the final Arbiter boss until players run out of retries or running the same treasure trove until they get what they wanted.

Bug Fixes

Lastly, the patch fixed a few notable bugs, including:

  • Ereshkigal not moving during her boss fight
  • The game crashing when exiting
  • Tricksters instantly killing Arbiters in Tarya Gratar with specific mod combos
  • Technical bugs that hampered in-game performance across different systems