• The Bannerlord set decreases the cooldown of Impale every time Tremor hits enemies
  • The set also provides a number of support buffs for the entire party
  • This build focuses on buffing Impale's damage

The new armor sets introduced in the “Worldslayer” expansion for “Outriders” opened up a ton of build options for the Devastator, from improved versions of existing builds to completely new ones that take advantage of the added content.

This build revolves around using the Impale skill as its main DPS source as well as one of the new armor sets from the expansion. Here’s how to set it up.

Armor, Mods and Skills

The Bannerlord set reduces the cooldown of Impale every time an explosion from Tremor hits an enemy. This cooldown reduction effect is increased depending on the number of enemies each explosion hits.

The Bannerlord set for Devastators in Outriders Worldslayer
The Bannerlord set for Devastators in Outriders Worldslayer Outriders

This new armor set also comes with new mods that buff both Tremor and Impale. Though most of these mods focus on defense and support, the build is still great at clearing solo content. Use the following mods to get the most out of the new armor, regardless of how many people are in a team, with Gravity Leap, Impale and Tremor:

  • Shredder
  • Ultimate Impaler
  • Sacrificial Altar
  • Rivers of Blood
  • Tainted Blood
  • Post Mortem
  • Captain Hunter
  • Despair
  • Palisade
  • Sharpened Spike

Due to Post Mortem, Impale should work similarly to the Pyromancer’s Heat Seeker build with these mods. The skill will be able to quickly dispatch groups of enemies thanks to its high damage and target-seeking capabilities. It should also devastate bosses as Impale naturally deals good single-target DPS.

Alternatively, Post Mortem can be replaced with damage-boosting mods like Arms and Anomaly or Anomaly Echo.

Class Tree

Take every Seismic node in the Seismic Shifter tree, and try to get as much Anomaly Power and cooldown reduction from skill nodes and armor stats.

For Pax skills, take the Tectonic Shifter tree and go down the middle branch since the build will make regular use of both Kinetic and Seismic abilities.


As an Anomaly Power build, Deathshield and Final Penance are amazing choices because of their damage buffs that affect abilities.

Use either Fortress or Mage’s Rage (preferably both) in one weapon, and then have a backup gun with single-target damage mods like Ultimate Storm Whip to fight bosses and elites with.