• The Scorched Zealot set adds a fireball projectile to the Pyromancer's melee ability
  • The set also incentivizes Firepower and Ash builds
  • The build is great for one-shotting captains and other elites

The Scorched Zealot set adds an interesting new way to play Pyromancer in “Outriders Worldslayer.” It encourages the use of both weapons and abilities in a rotation-reliant playstyle that’s both fun and surprisingly effective.

Many builds lean heavily on either damage from guns or the sheer destructive power of Anomaly abilities. The Scorched Zealot set gives players the means to enjoy both playstyles without sacrificing much effectiveness on either front. Here's how to set it up.

Armor, Skills and Mods

The new armor set lets Pyromancers fling a fireball that damages enemies in an area by using their melee ability. This projectile’s damage gets 25% higher after hitting an enemy with Feed the Flames, and it inflicts Ash on anything that survives the blast.

The Scorched Zealot helmet from the Outriders Worldslayer expansion
The Scorched Zealot helmet from the Outriders Worldslayer expansion Outriders

The following setup is meant to boost the fireball’s damage as quickly as possible while also giving the Pyromancer good damage with their weapons through buffs from Heatwave and Ash Blast:

  • Ashen Bloom
  • Final Breath
  • Molten Lead
  • Emergency Stance
  • Flame Grasper
  • Wide Grip
  • Voracious Flames
  • Death Sentence
  • Scorched Earth (optional)
  • Cauterizing Flames

This setup will allow for constant use of Feed the Flames as well as some useful buffs and debuffs from Molten Lead, Death Sentence, Cauterizing Flames and Voracious Flames.

Melee mods like Brawl do affect the fireball. Keep this in mind when planning for a caster-heavy playstyle.

Class Tree

Ash Breaker is the obvious choice for a Feed the Flames build as it increases damage against Ashen targets, among many other things. Take all Ash-related nodes and perks that increase damage in general.

For the Pax tree, take the top route of the Gunblazer branch for Carbon Footprint, which reduces the cooldowns of Immobilize skills.


The fireball deals more than enough single-target damage, so try to supplement the loadout with a weapon equipped with area-clearing mods like Strings of Gauss, Ultimate Damage Link or Nikola’s Revenge.

It may be a good idea to bring a weapon for bosses as well just to maximize damage potential in all scenarios. Ultimate Storm Whip, Shadow Comet and Claymore Torrent are good picks. Players who want to focus on the fireball’s damage can use Fortress instead.