• Mods like Toxic Lead also refill the ammo of Tools of Destruction's weapons
  • The Lethal Devices Pax skill lets the minigun inflict Toxin on every hit
  • The build works best with high Anomaly Power and Status Power

The Technomancer’s entire skillset in “Outriders” received some nice upgrades from the “Worldslayer” expansion through the new legendary armor sets, Pax trees and Ascension levels.

By using these new systems and content, the classic Tools of Destruction minigun build can reach new levels of power, shredding everything that’s unfortunate enough to stand in its way. Here’s an updated look at this old build for “Outriders: Worldslayer.”

Armor Mods and Skills

The minigun is the second half of the Tools of Destruction skill, and it can be activated by holding its bound skill button down. The weapon has limited ammunition and scales off Anomaly Power, though it does benefit from a number of mods. Use the following on the Grim Inventor’s set to achieve greatly increased damage and unlimited minigun ammo:

  • Massacre
  • Upgraded Gun
  • Euthanizer
  • Fortify
  • Not Impressed
  • Toxic Lead
  • Bang for Your Buck
  • Radical Therapy
  • Emergency Stance
  • Arms and Anomaly

Use Blighted Turret to apply Toxin and draw away enemy fire, and pair it with modded Pain Launcher to reload the minigun. Killing Toxin-inflicted enemies with the minigun will refund 40% of its max ammunition.

The Grim Inventor's Mask for Technomancers in Outriders
The Grim Inventor's Mask for Technomancers in Outriders Outriders

Class Tree

Go down the Demolisher tree and take the following nodes:

  • Decay
  • Wipe Out
  • Heavy Absorption
  • Emergency Transfusion
  • Armored Unit
  • Techbond

This will give enough Armor and Skill Leech to tank through strong bursts and sustained streams of damage alike as long as the player keeps shooting and hitting something. Leech and Armor are essential to this build as the minigun will prevent running, sprinting and dodge rolling.

For the Pax skills, take Lethal Devices. This will let the minigun shots inflict Toxin and deal an additional 3% of Anomaly Power as damage every time it refreshes Toxin on a target. Afterward, take Dissection for more damage per status effect on an enemy.


Since the minigun will be this build’s primary source of damage, weapon choice is largely irrelevant.

Mods that activate through on-hit effects will not work when using the minigun. Dark Sacrifice won’t work either since it buffs weapon damage and not Anomaly damage, but it will still drain HP if it is equipped before using Tools of Destruction.

Use anything that can act as a backup weapon for when minigun fails to reload itself.