Plenty of folks have been working themselves into a frenzy over the prospect of new gaming consoles. When word came earlier in the month that a Kickstarter project had raised over three million dollars to create a $99 gaming console, the internet was abuzz about the system, which promised Android-powered open source gaming, heavily moddable, with plenty of games utilizing a free-to-play structure (akin to some titles on Facebook or on your mobile device).

Perhaps most attractive is the incredibly low price for the console itself. At under $100, consumers can not only purchase the system itself, but also have a clear conscience purchasing games that will surely be around the $50-$60 dollar mark (going solely by current gaming prices). The idea is that once you buy the game, you'll be able to mod and develop new ways to play, similar to the Source engine from Valve. Once you have Steam and Steamworks enabled, you're able to create new content for your games, should you have the time and skill to do so.

Now word comes via gaming site Kotaku that the console is apparently around the size of a Rubik's Cube. The developers are hoping that by creating a smaller console, players will be able to carry it around, bring it to a friend's house, and set it up in their own homes without taking up a good deal of space. As it is, the XBOX 360, Playstation 3 and Wii consoles are relatively large, even with their so-called slim models being the new standard.

It's far too early to tell how successful the Ouya console can be. With a low price tag and tiny hardware, the install-base for the system could be huge. The key for the Ouya is landing developers who are willing to push the envelope and create gaming experiences that are both entertaining and memorable. Size and price tag won't matter if there are no game to help build momentum with a new console cycle on the horizon.