Ukrainian servicemen fire a Polish self-propelled howitzer Krab toward Russian positions on a frontline in Donetsk region


  • At least 499,000 Russian soldiers have reportedly been wounded in the Ukraine war
  • Up to 150,000 Russian soldiers are still receiving medical treatment for injuries sustained in the combat
  • Russia could be preparing to mobilize 400,000 new contract soldiers

Ukrainian forces have injured or killed more than 666,000 Russian soldiers since Moscow launched its invasion in February last year, according to a report.

The Kyiv Post, citing calculations based on data from Ukrainian, independent Russian and Western sources, reported that as of Sunday, 166,570 Russian soldiers were killed while 499,700 sustained injuries in the war. Among the injured, 150,000 are still receiving medical treatments and 100,000 are left permanently disabled,

In contrast, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine estimated that 170,550 Russian military personnel have been killed in the 13-month war, including 660 soldiers killed over the past day. The ministry did not cite figures for the number of wounded soldiers amid heavy fighting.

The Kyiv Post reported that Russia had reached the critical threshold of losing over 50 percent of its military capacity in mid-March last year, thereby decreasing its combat effectiveness. The outlet further said that the losses may have led the Kremlin to impose a "partial mobilization order" in September of that year with the aim of calling up 300,000 Russian reservists to bolster Moscow's numbers in Ukraine.

The new report comes amid rumors that Russia is planning to mobilize soldiers again, with the Kremlin seeking to sign up as many as 400,000 contract soldiers in the next wave, Radio Free Europe reported, as translated via Google Translate.

The new wave of recruitment is expected to launch on April 1. The Russian Ministry of Defense has also sent orders to regional governments and informed them of the hiring quotas they need to meet.

The Sverdlovsk region, for instance, is required to recruit 10,000 contract soldiers by the end of the year. Meanwhile, the Perm territory will be required to recruit less than 9,000 fighters, as per pro-Kremlin news outlet Ura.Ru.

The Russian army will be particularly looking for recruits with experience in certain positions, including artillery and armored vehicle operation. That being said, the army will still recruit "desperate people and outcasts who have nothing to lose," Russian news outlet Layout reported.

A soldier of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army prepares ammunition to fire at Russian frontline positions near Bakhmut