A new report recently surfaced online, hinting that a new feature might be introduced in the sequel of “Overwatch.” Blizzard might add a Ping System in “Overwatch 2,” as indicated in the recent interview of Jeff Kaplan. Meanwhile, “Overwatch” players can get the legendary skin and other stuff for free by simply doing these things.

“Overwatch” Game Director Jeff Kaplan recently hinted that “Overwatch 2” might get a ping system. The system introduced in “Apex Legends” is one of the most significant innovations that the game has introduced in the battle royale genre. Through this, players can seamlessly communicate with other squads, regardless if they are stuck in the middle of a firefight or silently raiding an area for loots.

The hint is based on a recent interview made by YouTuber Samito to the “Overwatch 2” game director. Kaplan shared that Lead UI Designer Junho Kim wanted to try a ping system for “Overwatch 2.” The idea was intended to be in “Overwatch,” however, its implementation was later scrapped.

Overwatch Soldier 76 Wallpaper (Image From PlayOverwatch site)
"Overwatch 2" has been massively leaked ahead of the rumored launch at this year's BlizzCon 2019. Blizzard Entertainment/Overwatch

A ping system could be very significant in “Overwatch 2,” considering that it will feature a PvE environment. In this system, map exploration and target prioritization play a crucial role compared to 6x6 PvP. In another “Overwatch” news, Blizzard launched earlier the backstory of everyone’s favorite doctor.

“Overwatch” players will now have the chance to unlock Dr. Zeigler’s legendary skin for Mercy by simply playing the game. Starting Nov. 12 until Dec. 2, Blizzard is hosting the latest “Mercy’s Recall Challenge.” This is a limited-time event that offers “Overwatch” players the chance to earn a player, eight sprays, icon, and the Dr. Ziegler skin previewed earlier in the short story titled “Valkyrie.”

Rewards are interesting, and earning them will not entail any purchases. These can either be obtained by merely watching Twitch streams or by playing “Overwatch” matches. To earn rewards, “Overwatch” players can simply queue up in Competitive Play, Arcade, or Quick Play game modes.

Winning three games rewards a new player icon; six games earn a couple of sprays, and nine games reward Dr. Ziegler's skin. Extra spray rewards will be given to “Overwatch” players who will watch Twitch streamers during the event’s duration. “Overwatch” players can earn a new spray just by watching two hours of Twitch, a couple of sprays for watching four hours of twitch streaming, and three new sprays for six hours of Twitch streams.