When Blizzard launched “Overwatch 2” at this year’s BlizzCon, we have learned a lot about the game, including a new hero, new gameplay, a new mode, and character designs, to name a few. But, Blizzard did not reveal when the game will be available to gamers even Game Director Jeff Kaplan would not disclose any hint about the game’s release window. But, it appears that a recent leak from a retailer may have given away the release date of “Overwatch 2,” as well as its platform.

French online retailer Fnac may have accidentally leaked the release date of “Overwatch 2” on its latest product listing for PlayStation 4 pre-orders. The upcoming sequel to the popular Blizzard title is listed to release on Dec. 31, 2020. Based on a recent interview, game director Jeff Kaplan admitted that he has no idea when the sequel will be made available to the gamers.

Overwatch 2 - The heroes assemble for the newly-announced Overwatch 2. While Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan does not want to give us any hint about the release date of "Overwatch 2," it appears that a French retailer may have accidentally leaked it online already. Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

It is worth noting that the release date placed by Fnac could be a placeholder, just like what other retailers are doing online when they do not know the exact release date. However, if the release date is accurate, then we might see “Overwatch 2” launching on PlayStation 5, considering that Sony’s next-generation gaming console is already released at that time. But, the page indicates that it is for the PlayStation 4 pre-order, so it inclines toward the idea that it is just a placeholder, which the retailer could soon change.

The Dec. 31 date is also the usual placeholder used by retailers for listing games that have no official release date yet, yet we never know. Meanwhile, Dexterto recently claims that Jeux Video disclosed that “Overwatch 2” will arrive sometime in the autumn of 2020. The announcement article for “Overwatch 2” reads, ‘planned for at least the autumn 2020 simultaneous PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One release.’

Considering that Jeff Kaplan revealed that he has no knowledge of the official release date of “Overwatch 2” and noting that he seemed to be very confident about talking about “Overwatch 2” at BlizzCon 2020, we suggest taking the leaked release date with a [inch of salt.