The Pakistani military killed 15 militants on Monday in a ground attack against the Taliban in the country's northwestern region of Waziristan, on the Afghan border.

The latest offensive against the militants, who belong to the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, or TTP -- also known as the Pakistani Taliban -- is the second installment of a government operation called Zarbe Azb, which was announced on June 15 to rid the region of militants. The operation was announced after extremists attacked Jinnah International Airport in the port city of Karachi on June 8, killing more than 30 people. 

"Troops have recovered underground tunnels and IED [improvised explosive device] preparation factories,” a statement released Monday by Pakistan’s military said, adding that 376 militants have been killed. The statement also claimed that 61 hideouts have been destroyed and that 17 soldiers have died in the operation so far.

The military, which began conducting airstrikes last week in the country's north as part of the first phase of the operation, has started evacuating more than half a million people from the Waziristan region, BBC reported. The military also said that it is conducting a “house to house search” in Miran Shah town and has moved in heavy weapons and tanks to nearby towns as part of the operation.

The military offensive marks a total breakdown in talks between Nawaz Sharif's government and the Pakistani Taliban, the Associated Press reported.