Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin said in an interview aired on Fox News Sunday, that she would run for President in 2012 if she believed that was the right thing to do for the U.S. and for the Palin family.

Palin was interviewed on Saturday before her speech at the Tea Party convention in Nashville, during which she was given standing ovations.

I think that it would be absurd to not consider what it is that I can potentially do to help our country, Palin said in the interview when asked if she would run for President. I won't close the door that perhaps could be open for me in the future.

Palin also confirmed to Fox News that she has been briefed by top advisors in Washington D.C. on domestic and foreign policy issues and has become more knowledgeable on those areas compared to two years ago.

During her interview, Palin said she was convinced that President Barack Obama was not going to win on the 2012 elections if he continued on the path that he has the country today.

That's what a lot of Americans are telling him today and he's not listening. Instead he's telling everybody else, listen up and I'll tell you the way it is, Palin said.