Peyton Manning
Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning found a hilarious way to prank teammate Eric Decker. Reuters

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has a penchant for hilarious off-field antics, a fact that teammate Eric Decker learned well on Wednesday.

Manning and Decker were among several Broncos, including the newly acquired Wes Welker, who spent this week training at Duke University’s football facilities. The workouts were voluntary and, of course, free of charge. At least, that’s what Decker thought until he received an invoice for more than $3,000 on Duke University stationery. Unbeknownst to him, the letter had been sent by Manning.

The invoice charged Decker $2,500 for “on-field instruction” from the Duke coaching staff, $200 for “taping,” $100 for laundry, and an ambiguous $300 “facility fee.” The phony invoice incorrectly calculated the total of Decker’s “expenses,” but it was realistic enough to trick the fourth-year receiver.

Several of the pair’s Broncos teammates were in on the prank as well. While Decker received the invoice, the rest of the players received a letter that said, “Decker got an invoice for $3,000. Play along!!!”

To his credit, Decker took the practical joke in stride. On Thursday morning, he posted the following message to Twitter, admitting that he’d been had:

Of course, it will be hard for Decker to stay mad at his future Hall-of-Fame teammate. In Manning’s first year as the quarterback in Denver, Decker set career highs in starts (15), receptions (85), and receiving touchdowns (13), the latter of which ranked second among all NFL receivers, Yahoo Sports reports.

You can see Manning's letter to his Broncos teammates below.