The real estate industry is complex, with layers of tasks required to conduct transactions; these range from marketing, sales, electronic signatures, and consistent communications. Sometimes, it's difficult to manage all the tasks simultaneously, especially if it involves multiple deals and parties involved, which is common in real estate. Moreover, dealing with clients and ensuring that everything works accordingly becomes even more complicated. In addition, keeping track of tasks without losing data and documenting your company's sales process is difficult if you don't develop an effective solution to automate these tasks. 

What is Pipedrive CRM?

It's been uncovered that real estate professionals are 26% more productive with a CRM for real estate. Pipedrive Customer Relationship Management System is a solution for automation in the real estate industry. Pipedrive saves real estate professionals time and keeps track of all tasks and progress, thereby increasing your revenue.

Pipedrive does the following;

  • Keep track of conversations with clients
  • Create pipelines for properties
  • Tracks each portfolio
  • Improves task management.

What are the benefits of CRM in property management?

Real estate agents often utilize a CRM for property management to streamline their sales process, enhance productivity, and manage client connections. For example, you can get a jump on a new property if you have good contacts. In addition, you can quickly communicate new listings through the email marketing automation functionality with the CRM. 

Maintaining solid client connections necessitates frequent contact. Having the correct information at your fingertips means being aware of available homes, potential communities, and client needs at all times.

You'll be able to remain on top of everything with the help of a great real estate CRM that's easy to customize to meet your individual needs. It won't take you long after you start utilizing Pipedrive to realize there are numerous other advantages for your company.

Effective Info-gathering

For realtors, a real estate CRM provides them with powerful analytical tools, including conversion rate charts and reports. Using Pipedrive's smarter reporting, your agency better understands current customers, their financial position, and where they need your help to achieve their revenue goals.

Leads Can Be Segmented More Easily

Dealing with a constant stream of questions and listings can be a challenge in any real estate office. Lead capture forms can be made more efficient by using a CRM property management solution that includes options for segmenting lists.

Your sales funnel and the lists your leads belong to are entirely in your hands with Pipedrive. In addition, you have the option of segmenting a prospect based on a variety of factors, like their budget, timetable, or even zip code.

Follow Up With Leads Automatically

Realtors must follow up with interested buyers or renters regularly to develop prospects and encourage them to engage. This takes up a significant portion of the day. You may automate your follow-ups with unique templates in a real estate CRM like Pipedrive while maintaining your voice and style. For example, following an open house or six months after a new tenant has moved in, Pipedrive will prompt you to check up (or send an email for you if you prefer).


It's critical to pick a CRM platform that fits your specific needs, just like you would while looking for the ideal home for your client. Because of this, not all CRMs are appropriate for use by real estate agents. When trying to figure out what a CRM is for real estate, you'll find that most are overly complex (and take months to grasp), have inefficient features, and make it tough for agents to collaborate.

You won't have these issues if you use a CRM designed specifically for the real estate business. With Pipedrive, they wanted to build the most outstanding solution for managing all areas of real estate sales, such as contacts and leads, and so it is designed to meet that goal.