Google Pixel Phones
The Pixel is now only available in black and silver, while the Pixel XL is currently only available in its 32GB silver variant. REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach

Several models of Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones are now sold out, and it may take awhile before Google can catch up with customer demand. In light of this, Google recently released a statement admitting that preorders exceeded its expectations.

“We’re thrilled to see the excitement for our new Pixel phones, and frankly pre-order demand exceeded our expectations. We’re looking to restock our inventory as soon as possible,” Google said. Although the company hasn’t given specifics on the number of preorders, it’s clear that Google has been overwhelmed with the amount of people who ordered the Pixel phones on launch day.

For those who were able to order the Pixel phones this week, they’ve have been given shipping estimates of 3-4 weeks. A lot of buyers are listed on the Google Store’s Order history page as either “pre-ordered” or “pending.” The only available versions of the handset right now is the Pixel in black and silver color options, while the Pixel XL is now limited to its silver color option with 32GB of storage, according to Android Police.

If users try to contact Google Store support, it may not be so helpful. Some support representatives are telling customers to ignore the online page and simply trust that their handsets will be delivered.

Some customers even tried to get one of the Pixel smartphone through Google’s Project Fi in order to get it earlier. However, a representative from Project Fi support has said that the “shipping department is running 3 weeks behind,” according to Abner Li of 9To5Google. Instead of a ship date of Oct. 27-31, now it’s been pushed back to Nov. 18.

This situation is expected to last as long as Google isn’t able to restock and meet customer demands. It looks as though it’s going to take at least a month before Google will be able to sell the Pixel and Pixel XL smoothly to its customers.