Niantic Labs has now confirmed that “Pokémon GO" is having its first in-game event this Halloween. The app developer announced the good news by releasing a spooktacular trailer that features all the first-generation Pokémon that will haunt the AR world of “Pokémon GO.”

Entitled “Pokémon GO - Halloween Is Approaching,” the teaser trailer confirms that the Halloween event is going to run from Oct. 26 through Nov. 1. The promotional clip also announces that in this event, select Pokémon are bound to make more appearances.

Based on the trailer, Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Zubat, Golbat, Drowzee and Hypno are the spooky Pokémon that will run wild throughout the Halloween event’s duration. For players who have yet to catch any of these monsters, they will easily cross paths with them this Halloween season thanks to the boost in their encounter rates, as per PhoneArena.

Interestingly, the fun does not stop with the greater chances of catching the spooky Pokémon. Niantic Labs is also celebrating Halloween by giving players more treats than tricks. Professor Willow announces near the end of the promotional clip that increased Candy rewards are going to be available throughout the event's duration.

According to Engadget, the Candy rewards pertain to the boosted number of Candies players will get for every Pokémon they are able to catch from Oct. 26 to Nov. 1. Instead of the usual three, players will receive six Candies for the Halloween event.

In addition, the Buddy System also has a generous giveaway during this global in-game event. Instead of getting just one Candy for accomplishing the distance requirement of a Buddy Pokémon, players will now receive four.

Professor Willow is also imbibing the essence of trick-or-treating, since he is going to give players two Candies for every monster they give up or transfer. Better leave your multiple Pokémon untouched until the Halloween event starts this Wednesday.

The Pokémon GO Halloween event is the first in the series of Pokémon GO events. Are you excited for it? Sound off in the comments below.