• Niantic reveals "Pokemon Go" Spotlight Hours for May
  • Niantic to hold weekly event for "Pokemon Go" players
  • Big rewards and Pokemon await AR players every Tuesday

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of "Pokemon Go" players are left with no recourse but to try and make the most out of the game while indoors. Thankfully, Niantic took the initiative to in improvising, finding ways to tweak the game so that trainers can still enjoy the game without leaving their homes.

Logging on to the game and checking which Pokemon may be lingering is one of the few ways to continue enjoying the game. Events, usually available if an AR player goes out, have been added and there are a lot of them happening this May. Niantic lined up several activities for "Pokemon Go" players this month to make sure they continue to enjoy the game.

Most have already heard of the "Pokemon Go" Throwback 2020 event that some players are already playing. It revolves around Kanto and research rewards, much of which as covered in a previous post. There are now more events to look forward to, an event that will be held weekly referred to as the Spotlight Hour. These are compared to mini Community Day activities where a Pokemon is offered for a limited time.

The "Pokemon Go" Spotlight Hour is scheduled to take place every Tuesday starting at 6:00 p.m. local time. This will involve a special Pokemon and a special bonus, Game Rant reported. Hence, augmented reality players get the chance to see which Pokemon would be available at this time, giving them something to look forward to in the coming weeks. Below are some of the scheduled events this May.

According to Pokemon Go Live, Shelder will be the first one on May 5 where "Pokemon Go" players also have the chance to earn twice the amount of Stardust for catching the Pokemon. It will be Sunkern's turn on May 12 where AR players get the chance to earn twice the XP for their efforts.

Poochyena is up on May 19 for "Pokemon Go" players who will also be able to earn twice the number of Candy for catching the Pokemon. Bronzor wraps it all up for May on the 26th, with players earning twice the candy as well for transferring the Pokemon. Do take note that these are subject to change.

Pokemon Go Pokemon Go update will finally bring in Pvp trainer battles. Photo: LILLIAN SUWANRUMPHA/AFP/Getty Images