• Chelsea not pursuing Declan Rice, Angelo Gomes for now
  • Lampard focused on finishing current season
  • Timo Werner, Hakim Ziyech won't immediately see action for Chelsea

Chelsea FC is in the headlines again following reports of several players possibly on the move. Declan Rice of West Ham United and Angel Gomes of Manchester United were linked to the Blues as potential targets but Frank Lampard has finally set the records straight.

Lampard stressed that they have not made any formal offer for Rice or Gomes, dousing water on reports that Chelsea is pursuing the two football players. Multiple teams are after both players but the Blues are not one of them. The 42-year-old coach answered queries in the simplest way he could via

“I can elaborate to the point that it's never been mentioned at my end, so that's it,” Lampard said.

Gomes has cut ties with the Red Devils following Manchester United's exit. His contract has lapsed and the 19-year-old player is now looking for a new home. Gomes is seen as a player oozing with potential but it would take a proper coach to unlock all that. Lampard would have made sense but the Blues coach says that Chelsea has not joined the chase.

As for Rice, tying him up to Stamford Bridge is not surprising. The 21-year-old was part of their academy system but Lampard responded by saying that they are in no position to sign him.

“Declan Rice is a good player you're right, and I've known him for a long time, he was in the Chelsea academy,” Lampard said. “But there's no talk, I keep saying, about every player we'll be asked about," he added.

It appears Lampard prefers to focus on the task at hand. The season is far from over for the Blues and transfer talk is on pause. However, the scenario could change once the season is over. It would also depend if the Blues still have enough room to take in both or either player.

Declan Rice of West Ham United
Declan Rice of West Ham United Getty Images | Chloe Knott - Danehouse

As most know, Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech will be joining Stamford Bridge after this season. The deals of both players start on July 1. However, Lampard cautions that Werner and Ziyech may not immediately be seen in action. He is still mapping out plans for both players to figure out how both players can fit into his system.

“We will decide in the meantime at Cobham in the training ground whether that means mixing with the squad or whether that means some physical work in the shorter term for themselves,” Lampard said.