• Costa is thinking of retirement
  • Costa is frustrated with frequency of injuries
  • Costa hires mental coach for added guidance

Douglas Costa has dealt with several injuries throughout his career, something that may be frustrating. The Brazilian winger is only 29-years-old, but frequent injury problems have led him to ponder about retirement. Costa has made fun out of the fact that he has had more scans that actual action on the football field. But he admits that at the end of the day, reality makes him think about walking away.

This season alone, Costa has missed 17 games in Serie A, continuing to struggle with hamstring and calf issues. It has become frustrating for him, leading him to ask himself if he can still play pro football in a post over at The Players' Tribune. He admits that it crosses his mind each time he gets injured. But once he gets to watch games on television, the Brazilian winger recalls his passion for the game and reminds himself that he can still play at a high level.

Costa admitted that playing the game he loves goes beyond money or popularity. It is something he loves doing but needs a constant reminder of that goal. Though he has not won any league titles, Costa has been part of international cup wins in Germany, Italy and Ukraine. A major league title is the only one missing, something that could motivate him to play on. But to make sure he does not lose focus, Costa is hiring a mental coach to help him deal with injuries and setbacks, reported.

"Therefore, I asked for help. I don’t know if you’ve heard of a mental coach. They’re not a psychologist, but they show you how childhood facts can still affect you," he said.

Costa will turn 30 this September, a year older but far from the age where players would be considering calling it a career. His spate of injuries is frustrating, so he may need to make adjustments to extend his durability. That includes playing differently and not pushing himself overboard especially when he is coming off an injury.

For now, Costa is hoping that his health holds up as Juventus prepares for the possible resumption of Serie A action. There are plans to resume the season in mid-June with Costa hoping to play more games rather than staying in the sidelines. Costa has the potential to be among the best. To achieve that, he needs to play wiser and hope lady luck does not frown on him once league action restarts.

Douglas Costa of Juventus
Douglas Costa of Juventus Getty Images | TF-Images