• Robert Firmino would have been plausible addition to Manchester United
  • Liverpool unlikely to deal off Firmino 
  • Grealish reportedly close to coming to Old Trafford

Manchester United needs a striker and a former Red Devil suggests Robert Firmino of Liverpool could fit in nicely. He was singled out as a plausible addition by former Red Devil Eric Djemba-Djemba but added that getting him to Old Trafford is impossible. With Jadon Sancho seemingly out of the picture, all eyes are on Jack Grealish of Aston Villa. But Djemba-Djemba debates that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer may want to consider Harry Kane of Tottenham over Grealish instead.

Aside from the fact that they were told that they would never get Firmino, the asking price is likely to be off the roof. No actual figures were given but The Reds are likely to set a hefty price to keep the Brazilian in the fold.

“Unfortunately I think the perfect striker for United is in Liverpool. Roberto Firmino would be the perfect striker for United, but they will never get him," Djemba-Djemba told

With Firmino out of the way, Djemba-Djemba feels that the Red Devils consider Kane over Grealish. But the problem with that is Tottenham is asking a ridiculous $244 million for the English striker. Though there is a chance that Hotspur could lower that price, it is unlikely to be significant. The Red Devils are tightening up their belts, meaning lavish spending will be low this summer.

In a previous report, it will be recalled that United had set its ceiling bid for Sancho. The Red Devils made it clear that they were not spending beyond $61 million for Sancho, a development that likely snuffed all hopes of getting the 20-year-old player.

Related to that, it will be interesting if that same maximum price would apply to Grealish. Aston Villa wants $101 million in exchange for the 24-year-old winger, numbers which are also beyond the price set for Sancho.

However, a former manager who managed Grealish when he was still with Aston Villa in 2015 claims that the deal is done. Tim Sherwood believes that the deal is done and that Grealish is the player the team needs. Much of this was covered in another previous report.

One is enough: Roberto Firmino scored the winner as Liverpool beat Tottenham 1-0 for a 20th win in 21 Premier League games this season
One is enough: Roberto Firmino scored the winner as Liverpool beat Tottenham 1-0 for a 20th win in 21 Premier League games this season AFP / Glyn KIRK

If true, Djemba-Djemba is far from impressed, he believes that Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes are better than him. If the Grealish deal does push through, the 39-year-old Cameroonian feels that the English footballer will be coming in as a substitute.

“He would struggle to start over [Marcus] Rashford, Martial or [Mason] Greenwood as well, but he would be a good signing," Djemba-Djemba said. “I think that it’s more important to bring in a world-class striker though,” he added.