President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama's speech on immigration ignited a reaction from various politicians, advocacy groups and anti-illegal immigration groups. Reuters

President Barack Obama’s speech about the “broken” immigration system Thursday prompted a strong response from politicians and political groups. During his statement, the president outlined a plan for undocumented workers who have been in the country for more than five years and can “come out of the shadows.”

Republican politicians:

Democratic politicians:

Advocacy groups:

Anti-illegal immigration Groups:


New York Mayor Bill de Blasio released a statement that said the president “fulfilled” his promise to “fix our broken immigration system.” He said, “New York City firmly stands behind the President and is ready to do all that is in our power to help ensure the successful implementation of his plan.”

Brent Wilkes, the executive director of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), issued a statement that said, “The president has changed the lives of millions of people.” He continued to say millions of people can continue on with their lives without worrying if a loved one will be deported. “By taking executive action, the president has answered the will of the American people,” he said.

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