Doha-based Al Jazeera television has reported that an Al-Arabiya correspondent in Egypt's Tahir square has been stabbed by pro-government mobs as clashes between factions raged in the Egyptian capital.

Pro-government supporters on horses and one camel entered the square and charged the anti-Mubarak protesters. Some of them were pulled off the horses, and the pro-government supporters exchanged rock throwing with the demonstrators, an Al Jazeera's correspondent was told by a demonstrator at the Tahir square.

The channel said there has been reports of at least one Al-Arabiya correspondent being stabbed.

It said TV crews have been chased around the square by pro-Mubarak factions as they tried to get hold of Al-Jazeera team. They were heard chanting Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera! the channel's English web site reported.

The website also said anti-government supporters were calling on the military to intervene. Men on horseback and camels have entered Tahrir Square - not sure who they are. The army and soldiers are not intervening as of yet, it said.