A demonstration by thousands of protesters at Tahrir Square in Egypt’s capital city of Cairo turned violent late Friday.

The protesters were demanding a clear road map to democracy, elections and an end to military trials for civilians.

Thousands of people tore down a protective wall around the Israeli Embassy. They defaced the headquarters of the Egyptian Interior Ministry. Police fired rubber bullets to disperse the crowd from both buildings.

About 200 people were injured in clashes with the police at the Israeli Embassy and 31 were injured near the Interior Ministry, a statement from the Health Ministry said.

Protesters reportedly had set a kiosk on fire in front of a security building near the embassy. They threw rocks and gasoline bombs at the officers, and the police used teargas on them. The scene looked much like a war zone, bikyamasr.com reported.

The clashes were reportedly continuing even in the wee hours of Saturday.

Prime Minister Essam Sharaf has called for an emergency meeting on Saturday to discuss the situation.