• The PlayStation 5 reveal received heavy backlash for its developer-focused approach
  • Fans call the reveal 'super boring'
  • Some fans, however, defend Sony and emphasized that the talk was prepared for GDC

It is safe to say that a lot of fans are disappointed with the recent PlayStation 5 reveal of Sony.

On Wednesday, lead system architect Mark Cerny unveiled the hardware specifications of the upcoming PS5 that will be released in time for Holiday 2020. However, what was expected to be an exciting affair turned to a near hour-long lecture that didn’t give much about the console.

While there are interesting tidbits – especially the move to SSD storage and the addition of a top-notch audio engine that gives a more holistic gaming experience – there still wasn't much to get from the supposed reveal.

What is more disappointing for the approximately 600,000 fans that waited for the reveal was the fact that the “lecture” was developer-focused instead of the promised gamer-oriented reveal.

While the talk would have been interesting for GDC, it is not something for the general public and fans who wanted Sony to go right to the point and reveal what exactly makes PS5 better than PS4 and why it is better than Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Series X.

Sure enough, fans were not able to hide their frustration about the reveal, and a lot of them took it to Twitter to express their utter disappointment to an event that was supposed to kill their boredom and pique their interest amid the coronavirus quarantine.

One Twitter user wrote, “Playstation 5 looks Boring as Fuck I'm sorry Face with tears of joy I'm a Sony/Playstation fanboy but I gotta say X Box Series X clearly dominated this Generation I'm spitting facts!!”

Some also highlighted the lack of information shared in the reveal, failing to excite the audience despite the boring presentation.

“I didn’t watch all of it but I got a little over halfway through. It was very boring. Which is fine because it was kinda supposed to be. Just a bummer pretty much everything we found out about the PS5 was disappointing,” another fan wrote on Twitter.

Fortunately for Sony, it was not all criticisms that they have received. Some defended the company and emphasized that the presentation was supposed to be their GDC talk.

“For those complaining about the PS5 conference: that was their GDC talk, that wasn't for the general population. That was for DEVELOPERS. The information they gave was (boring and technical yes) incredibly helpful for devs. And everything they said was good news. PS5 will be good,” one supporter commented.

Here are more reactions from Twitter about the event:

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