• Pet owners are always looking for ways to monitor their cat's activities in real-time 
  • PurrSong's LavvieTAG stands out because of the comfort and ease of use it offers
  • The product is lightweight, small and features a 4-week battery life

The cat, a low-maintenance and adorable pet, only communicates with its owner through gestures or actions. Interestingly, a Korean company has built a smart-care tracker, LavvieTAG, that aims to deliver comprehensive and revolutionary monitoring of cats' activities so that owners can understand them better, while taking care of their well-being.

PurrSong's LavvieTAG also enables the communication between pets and humans, and provides a clearer understanding of their needs.

LavvieTAG is a live activity tracker attached to a collar to collect information on the cat's activity. The collected data is then analyzed to understand the cat's four most important activities -- walking, sleeping, running and calorie consumption.

With LavvieTAG's data available on the PurrSong App, pet owners can easily compare the daily calorie consumption with the ideal calorie use, and create the best Biorhythm for their cat by just adjusting playtime and food intake.

PurrSong LavvieTAG fitness tracker PurrSong Official Press Kit

It also comes with graphs, which owners can check to see if there are signs of abnormal activities that could point out potential health issues. With LavvieTAg's ability to record five types of activities every hour, pet owners can observe what their cat is doing even when they are away.

Additionally, unlike other cat tracking devices available today, LavvieTAG also stands out because of the comfort and ease of use it offers. It is the world's lightest pendant and only weighs 0.01 lb.

It is also as small as the size of a quarter of a dollar at 22.5*22.5*12mm. More importantly, it is made of lightweight and thin cotton yarns for ultimate comfort. In terms of battery life, LavvieTAG's battery lasts for four weeks, which means it offers non-stop 24-hours uninterrupted monitoring.

These features ensure that the feline will not even feel it is wearing something around its neck, making the live activity monitoring comprehensive and accurate. Pet owners can connect LavvieTAG to their smartphone using BLE and get data through the PurrSong app.

LavvieTAG is also capable of identifying individual cats even if all of them are wearing the same tags. More importantly, this wearable tracker can find the cat's location if it gets lost. Owners simply need to check the Registered Lost Cat information, and will receive their cat's location in no time.

Its real-time, scientific way of collecting data to monitor the cat is impressive and its choice of material, size and long battery life are just some of the interesting features of the LavvieTAG activity tracking device that make it worthy of receiving our Best of MWC 2022 award.


LavvieTAG is available in a couple of sizes, which are medium and large. PurrSong showcases the LavvieTAG and the rest of its products at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, which commenced on Feb. 28 and will go on till March 3.