• Quantum Operation Inc., announces a medical miracle at the CES 2022
  • The Japanese IoT startup claims it has developed a non-invasive glucose monitor
  • Called the Noninvassive Glucometer Wristband, the device promises to revolutionize diabetes management

Blood glucose monitoring is crucial in managing diabetes as it keeps track of the changes in a person's blood sugar levels, which in effect, provides vital information on how food, exercise, stress and habits affect the disease.

Over the years, scientists, engineers and even tech giants have tried to come up with a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device that diabetics can use, but to no avail. Interestingly, Quantum Operation, a Japanese healthcare IoT startup, claims that it has developed a Noninvasive Glucometer Wristband -- a needle-less and accurate blood glucose monitoring wearable that is capable of non-stop monitoring.

Advanced medical technology

Quantum Operation's Noninvasive Glucometer Wristband offers a far simpler and easier solution that will not require patients to prick their finger for a blood sample that would then be used on test strips of traditional glucose meters. But how is this even possible?

It turns out the innovative device utilizes the company's core proprietary spectrum sensing technology that accurately measures blood glucose levels through the skin. The 24/7, continuous monitoring is made possible by the novel spectrometer materials.

Quantum Operation’s technology won a CES 2022 Innovation Award in the “Health & Wellness” category. Quantum Operation CES 2022 Press Kit

One of these materials is engineered to release an optimal spectrum while the other is highly reactive to target spectra. The Noninvasive Glucometer Wristband also features a revolutionary firmware that cancels noise and extracts data efficiently.

These same technologies can also be utilized to measure all types of vital signs, including oxygen saturation (SPO2) and heart rate, among others. Its disruptive and smart solution has earned the product and the company the CES 2022 Innovation Award in the Health & Wellness category.

Vital functionalities

Unlike standard glucose meters, the Noninvasive Glucometer Wristband has the ability to keep track of the changes in the pre and post-meal glucose level. This particular feature is extremely important for diabetic patients so they could prevent the progression of the disease.

Apart from those, it conveniently enables healthcare providers to keep track of a patient's condition remotely. Also, this non-invasive glucose monitoring wearable from Quantum Operation can serve as an effective tool in gathering accurate big data and offer better solutions for the control and management of the disease.

Ease of use

Quantum Operation's Noninvasive Glucometer Wristband does not only offer accurate blood glucose monitoring but it's also easy to use. The wearer simply needs to strap the wristband, turn it on and activate the monitoring function from the menu.

The Noninvasive Glucometer Wristband will then provide the first results in as fast as 20 seconds. In 2021, Quantum Operation Inc. showcased the prototype of the device but said that it still has some way to go before the device's accuracy is up to snuff with traditional glucose meters.

Final verdict

Quantum Operation's Noninvasive Glucometer Wristband is the world's first-ever non-invasive glucose monitoring device that accurately and continuously measures blood glucose levels. This feat is considered in the medical world as the holy grail of diabetes management and treatment.


The product uses groundbreaking technologies that can also be used in monitoring other vital signs, which means this pioneering technology is very promising and could open closed doors in the field of medicine and medical technology.

This impressive feat achieved by Quantum Operation as well as the medical miracle the Noninvasive Glucometer Wristband offers are the major reasons why we think this revolutionary product deserves our Best of CES 2022 award.