Rockstar has released a new update for “Red Dead Online,” which has just left beta. The new update brings a slew of features and improvements that make the game more enjoyable and relaxing to play.

“Red Dead Online” is set to receive a slew of interesting content and features now that it’s finally out of beta. GameSpot reported that Rockstar is going to introduce new story missions, Free Roam activities and more content to the game in the weeks to come.

The update basically makes the game more playable for those who just want to roam around the game’s open world while making it more exciting for those who want some action and aggressive gameplay. Rockstar explained all update details in its website. Here’s a quick look at what the update brings to the game.

New Co-op Missions in A Land Of Opportunities

Those who want to play honorably can take the Gunslinger path and join Marshall Tom Davies save the town of Valentine by fighting against the Del Lobos gang. Those who want to stay on the other side of the law can join the Outlaw strand and play as outlaws who assist Samson Finch in an attempt to rob the Saint Denis Bank.

Whatever path players take, they will end up going to Blackwater to face a dangerous enemy.

Free Roam Missions

Characters from “Red Dead Redemption 2” are set to appear in “Red Dead Online” to add more Free Roam Missions to the game.


Players can now visit other towns simply to play poker with friends via a private, invite-only game of “Hold’Em,” or to play poker with other people via sitting down at public poker tables. The latter has higher buy-ins and better rewards. Poker tables can seat up to six players and are available in five locations.

Playing Styles

“Red Dead Online” now gives players the option to choose between two play styles: offensive or defensive. Offensive, the default play style, allows players to freely attack other players. Of course, this has its consequences.

Players who choose to play defensively, on the other hand, will be free to roam around without being notified about PvP Free Roam Missions. Players in this style are marked with a shield, receive less damage, cannot be lassoed, melee attacked, executed, or targeted via auto-aim. Players who attack these players will receive bigger penalties.

These, along with a new powerful weapon called the “LeMat revolver,” are but some of the enhancements that the update brings to Rockstar’s “Red Dead Online.”

Red Dead Online Red Dead Redemption 2 online multiplayer will be available as a public beta in November. Photo: Rockstar Games