Fans of Rockstar’s successful “Grand Theft Auto” games continue to wait for updates regarding the highly anticipated title “GTA 6.” A new rumor suggested that fans might get the update they’ve been longing for for a long time -- or get surprised by a new title -- at E3 this coming June.

“GTA 6” continues to be a favorite subject among rumors and speculations. Previous reports suggest that it’s being developed at the moment. Others claim that it’s going to be a month-long exclusive to the next-gen Sony gaming console, the PlayStation 5, when it’s released.

Others claim that it’s going to take people on a fun ride to familiar places, doing familiar things all true “GTA” fans loved since the franchise started many years ago.

A new rumor

A new rumor, however, has baffled many players and netizens for days. According to ComicBook, a Reddit user said “GTA” developer Rockstar Games is going to “blindside” people with an announcement during E3 this year. The Reddit post claiming this has been deleted, but can be seen via Dexerto.

To back their claims, the Reddit user said they are working for a company that’s building a landing page for a game from Take-Two Interactive, known to be the parent company of both 2K and Rockstar Games.

Of course, interested players asked the Reddit user for more details as the first claim, that was since deleted, seems lacking in details. In response, the Reddit user simply said:

“I dont know anything too detailed as im lower on the food chain but we are building a landing page for Take two right now for something unannounced.”

The internet responds

The Reddit user’s response caused the internet to respond in different ways, most of them speculating on what that announcement could be. However, many netizens question the authenticity of this claim, since Rockstar doesn’t normally attend E3, they said.

What’s more, the game studio normally takes its time working on a game before releasing it. Since “Red Dead Redemption 2” was released just a few months ago, it seems unlikely for Rockstar to release something as big as “GTA 6.”

Still, fans can’t help but think if Rockstar will announce something about “GTA 6.” Some of them think the announcement could be about “Bully 2.”

The Reddit user’s claims are but rumors at the moment and should be taken with a grain of salt. If the claims are true, then Rockstar will announce something during E3. If not, then it won’t.

Taylor Pelling of Sutton poses with his copy of the console game Grand Theft Auto 5 at the midnight opening of the HMV music store in central London. Grand Theft Auto anchors a growing stable of hits. LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images