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I'm a writer and multimedia journalist based out of Bangalore. My interests are energy, technology, and international affairs. I've previously worked for WERS and The Hindu.

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US Set To Unveil Next-Generation Bomber

The winner of a contract worth about $73 billion to build a new long-range bomber will be announced in the next few weeks, according to an Agence France-Presse report.

'You Can Pass Through Croatia'

Croatia, which has reportedly received 13,000 refugees in the last two days, is paving the way for their westward travel.
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'Walls Are Temporary Solutions'

European authorities condemned Hungary's closing its border and using "excessive force" to repel refugees with water cannons and stun grenades.


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Things to Look Out for While Margin Trading

If you’ve been involved in the cryptocurrency industry, then you have likely heard of margin trading. Margin trading has made headlines in recent times, with more exchanges offering it to users. At...