Articles by Chandan Prasad
Softbank's humanoid robot Pepper

Robot Fired As Retail Assistant At Edinburgh Store

Fabio, the Pepper robot, who was deployed as a retail assistant at the upmarket Margiotta store, was let go after only a week at the job after it was found that the robot was confusing the patrons, who preferred assistance from its human colleagues.

A Step Toward A Universal Blood Test For Cancer

CancerSEEK looks for the presence of the eight different types of cancer, including lung, breast and colorectal cancers, which are usually diagnosed when it is too late to fight them and are together responsible for more than 60 percent of cancer deaths in the U.S.

FISA Gets Extended For Next 6 Years

Though the targets under Section 702 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act are foreigners, loopholes help security agencies tap into the contents of communications by U.S. citizens without warrants.

China's #MeToo Movement #WoYeShi Gathers Momentum

After a slow take-off due to stringent social media laws and an inherently conservative society, the movement dubbed #WoYeShi claimed its first scalp last week after a Beihang University professor was removed following several allegations of sexual misconduct against him by students.

Are Facebook's Youth-Targeted Ads Illegal?

Though Section 230 of the Federal Communications Decency Act protects it from liability for third-party content, California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act make it unlawful to “aid, abet, incite, compel or coerce the doing” of discriminatory acts proscribed by the statute.