1976 image of Ted Landsmark being attacked by an American flagpole in Boston, Mass.

A song on the subject of Trayvon Martin's death has been posted to YouTube, where it's begun stirring a mass of controversy. The video, titled All Black In My Hoodie by Zoeja Feat. Black Panther Party And Malcom X Trayvon has just over two thousand views but already 28 likes and 706 dislikes. Watch the piece below:

This track makes Chuck D sound like Will Smith in its incitement of let's start a riot and f--k protesting. The message of violence, particularly along lines of race, is rousing much of the contention on this song. Pairing the message with classic images of the Black Panthers, and audio from Malcom X as he uses the language of war, also stirs the pot. But really, the comments section below this video runs the gamut on everything from conspiracy theory on racism as corporate mechanism to the role the Muslim faith played in the Trayvon case. Mainly, the comments damn Zoeja for touting an ideology so vehemently exclusionary. The most common reflect the sentiment of this one: Who's the hooded racist now? MLK? is looking down on you with shame.