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Iran Nuclear Talks Resume In Moscow

Iran has been suspected of developing nuclear weapons, and the world powers in the Russian capital will spend two days trying to get Tehran to stop the enrichment and storage of uranium to 20 percent and open a secret military facility to United Nations inspectors.

Fatou Bensouda Becomes First African ICC Chief

Fatou Bensouda was sworn in as the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court on Friday, making her not only the first African, but also the first woman, to lead the United Nations-backed tribunal.

What Egypt?s Soft Coup Means For The Presidential Elections

This Saturday and Sunday, Egyptians will head for polling station to choose who will be their first democratically elected president, but they are faced with a hard choice now that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, or SCAF, has seized greater control.

US Flexes Its Spy Muscles In Africa: Report

The United States has been building drone bases across the African continent since 2007, as well as flying old-fashioned ... spy flights, and is spending tens of millions of dollars to track groups like al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb and Boko Haram.

Kenya Asks US/EU To Join Fight Against Al Shabab

Washington, which put a $33 million bounty on the heads of six al Shabab commanders last week, said on Sunday that it will continue to provide assistance to the African Union Mission in Somalia, of which Kenya is a part, but did not elaborate.



The Tax Filing Platform Catering to America's Growing Expat Community

With tax season in high gear as millions of Americans navigate the complexities of the tax code, one segment of the population is often overlooked for the unique challenges they face when filing their tax returns. American expats living across the globe whether it be for work, pleasure or family obligations, contend with the same tax requirements as their fellow citizens living stateside except in some cases they often have to file additional paperwork as well as a more costly filing process.

Nigeria's Two Big Parties Dominate Governorship Elections

Nigeria's two biggest parties won the majority of states in weekend governorship polls, official figures showed on Monday, maintaining their political dominance following elections in which European Union observers said 21 people died from violence.

US House Republicans Launch Investigation Of Manhattan DA In Trump Probe

U.S. House of Representatives Republicans went on the offensive on Monday against a possible criminal indictment against Donald Trump, launching an investigation into the New York City prosecutor who is probing allegations that the former president paid hush money to a porn star ahead of the 2016 election.