Articles by Iana De Castro
Omega Watch

25 Best OMEGA Watches For Men In 2020

Selected based on functionality, accuracy, style, and price from a vast assortment of iconic timepieces, here are 25 of the best Omega watches for men.
Business reading

8 Best Selling Business Books On Amazon In 2020

Whether you want to learn more about the stock market, creating sophisticated marketing plans or starting a business from scratch, these eight best-sellers written by some of the most experienced...
Kid reading a book

Top 8 Best Children's Books Under $3 On Amazon

If home quarantine may have worsened your children’s video game addiction, do not fret. There are many entertaining, whimsical, and beautifully-illustrated books online that are perfect for bedtime...
Book on bedside

10 Must-Read Books Before You Die

Whether you’re completely new to reading or you just want to expand your collection, it’s never a bad thing to acquaint yourself with some of the classics. The literary canon is filled with revered...
Reading by the beach

Top 12 Best Kindle Books Under $5 For Summer 2020

From quirky feel-good page-turners to emotionally nuanced slow burns, from laugh-out-loud stories to binge-worthy tearjerkers, these 12 books under $5 on Kindle are the perfect summer reads to curl...

Top 10 Best Books To Read This Summer 2020

This summer, curl up with these 10 best-selling and critically-acclaimed novels. From charming beach reads to lighthearted romantic comedies, from richly-detailed family sagas to poignant and...
Best cheap tablets

Top 5 Best Amazon Fire Tablets In 2020

If you're looking for a cheap new device to serve your entertainment needs, here are the top 5 Amazon Fire Tablets in 2020 that you should definitely consider.

Top 7 Best Smart Plugs In 2020

Smart plugs offer you a way to innovate your daily routine by reducing the time and effort that goes in setting electronics, gadgets, and appliances up. 
Smart Home

Top 5 Best Smart Home Systems In 2020

One of the emerging technologies for household maintenance is the smart home system. Smart home systems and devices give you the ability to control activity in your home with a few clicks.
Sanitizing phone

Top 10 Best Phone Sanitizers In 2020

Because the most prominent components of phones are made up of plastic or glass, the germs that can accumulate are unnoticeable and can be easily neglected.

Top 10 Best Humidifiers For Rooms In 2020

Humidifiers add moisture to a room's air to prevent dryness that can cause irritation in many parts of the body.  The primary benefits of having humidifiers at home or any room would be reduced...
Multiple devices charging

Top 10 Best USB Charging Stations In 2020

Be it at home or at the office, charging your smartphone becomes a shared regular necessity. Luckily, the development of multi-port charging stations has eliminated the need to wrestle for the...