As the world progresses through the Digital Age, many have taken the leap and adopted more intelligent means to protect and maintain their households. One of these emerging technologies for household maintenance is the smart home system. Smart home systems and devices give you the ability to control activity in your home with just your voice.

From ensuring your home's security 24/7 to adjusting indoor temperature, there are smart home devices that will surely upgrade your home. Here are this year's top 5 best smart home systems and devices.

1. Samsung SmartThings Hub
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The Samsung SmartThings Hub is one of the most highly rated on shopping sites. It is lauded for being able to comprehensively automate a lot of household activities by setting your Good Morning, Goodbye, Good Night, and other routines to automatically turn devices on or off. It also features exceptional connectivity across different platforms and devices for the utmost convenience.

2. Securifi Complete Smart Home Wi-Fi System
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What gives the Securifi Complete Smart Home Wi-Fi System its edge is its user-friendliness. It is noted for the ridiculously easy setup and interface, letting you install the system and secure your home in a flash. It also covers your entire home with ultra fast and reliable Wi-Fi that ensures updates get to you the quickest.

3. Google Nest Learning Thermostat
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If you're looking for a smart device for your home's temperature, Google Nest Learning Thermostat is a best-seller that will guarantee great value for your money. Its smart functionality requires no confusing programming or input, as it learns the temperatures you like and programs it itself. It is also able to connect with a broad range of other devices so you can set the temperature just from your phone or tablet.

4. Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit Home Security System
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Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit Home Security System allows you to ensure complete home security right at your finger tips. It guarantees that you are always updated on any motion or activity in your home. The 5-piece kit includes a base station, contact sensor, motion detector, keypad, and range extender that covers the whole house.

5. Blink Smart Security Camera
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The Blink Smart Security Camera is highly rated because of its extended two-year battery life. It is guaranteed to be a durable and reliable system for your home security. It comes with free cloud storage, allowing you to keep hundreds of clips stored up to a year without any additional monthly fees or service contract. With this system, you can closely monitor what goes on inside and outside your home.