Karen Barr

Best CMMS Software 2023

To keep businesses running efficiently and profitably companies are turning to CMMS software. CMMS software enables companies to see all their assets in one database. It tracks not only when assets were purchased but location, maintenance, parts, breakdowns, and efficiencies. Manual tasks are automated eliminating administrative hours. Sharing details is easy with CMMS software. It allows for a streamlined workflow, the transfer of knowledge, and overall consistency.

Best Dropshipping Software 2023

Traditionally retail stores were responsible for warehousing and shipping their products. Today, dropshipping is a game changer for e-commerce and online marketplaces. What is the best dropshipping software for 2023?

How small businesses are revolutionizing ecommerce on TikTok

With over 5 million small businesses creating and selling through the platform every day, TikTok is the place for small businesses to express their authentic self, find their community, make real connections and be discovered.(1) But, just what is it that makes TikTok the place for small businesses to grow?

Best OKR Software for 2023

OKR software is a management tool that helps companies set and track measurable goals. OKR is an acronym for Objective and Key Results. When objectives are clearly understood by everyone in an organization companies become more efficient. Leaders can set tasks to reach goals and complete projects successfully.

5 Best Financial Fraud Detection Softwares of 2023

Financial fraud detection software offers the best solutions for the financial well-being of your company in real time. The goal is to protect transactions related to digital purchases, payments, and chargebacks. Financial fraud detection software uses a combination of software data analysis techniques and artificial intelligence (AI) based techniques.

5 Best Asset Tracking Softwares of 2023

Asset tracking software is a tool that helps companies keep track of their physical assets. This simplifies procedures because the more assets a company has the more complicated the process becomes. Add to this the number of employees that need access to each asset and asset tracking software becomes invaluable.

Top SEO Companies for 2023

One way of increasing your company's visibility, sales, and ultimately profits is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This highly competitive component of the digital marketing world has numerous specialists in the industry. Which SEO companies are the top companies for 2023?