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Barack Obama

Obama Earns ‘F’ On Issue Most Important To Voters

Voters continually claim that one issue is most important to them this election. It’s an area where President Barack Obama fails miserably and, for that reason, is trying desperately to avoid it -- the economy.

Paul Ryan: The Perfect Foil To Barack Obama

Mitt Romney couldn’t have made a better selection for his vice presidential nominee than Paul Ryan, or a better foil to highlight President Barack Obama’s shortcomings.

Newsweek Gets It Wrong: Obama Is The Real Wimp

It?s time for the liberal mainstream media to get their story straight. Is Mitt Romney an arrogant, ruthless business tycoon or is he a wimpy, weenie mouse as this week?s Newsweek cover alleges?
President Barack Obama

Obama's Detrimental Transformation Of America

There is an undeniable transformation happening to the United States of America. For some it is subtle, for some it is overt, for some it is seemingly nonexistent. But, for all, it is disastrous and happening before our very eyes.
Dinner With Barack

Dinner with Barack: Hardly a Liberal Experience

Dinner with Barack -- for the liberal Democrat, few things sound better than free food with their fearless leader. Four prize dinners with the Great One -- awarded by drawing -- have come and gone; but have no fear, Dinner with Barack V is here.
Mitt Romney Scolds New Media, Bloggers: 'I Miss the Days of Two or More Sources'

Beware Of Mitt The Mormon

The New York Times has done it again. They?ve succeeded in breaking yet another cutting-edge news story on Sunday?s front page: ?Beware, Mitt Romney is a Mormon.?
A man buys meat at a local food market in Shanghai

It's Unethical To Eat Meat, Or So The Liberal Media Says

In an article titled ?Calling All Carnivores,? the New York Times Magazine issued a challenge to its readers in early April, asking them to make a case for why it?s ethical to eat meat, illustrating yet again the liberal bias of the mainstream media.