Rush Limbaugh
Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh predicts that gay marriage will become legal 'nationwide.' Reuters

Rush Limbaugh has incurred a slew of backlash for admittedly choosing two wrong words to characterize Georgetown student Sandra Fluke as promiscuous.

While several members of the GOP establishment are claiming Limbaugh is hurting the party, I want you to look at the big picture and imagine life without voices like Limbaugh -- a grim place where liberalism goes unchecked.

Without bold conservatives, we would be left with a country completely controlled by the mainstream media where alternate views are stifled and liberalism is the unchallengeable truth.

It would be a world where the extremity of the Democratic Party is not countered, where Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen can compare Republicans and their lies to Nazism saying we are just like [Nazi propagandist] Gobbels; where the Democratic National Committee can associate attempts to end voter fraud with Jim Crow Laws; where Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi can suggest the Republicans anti-abortion bill would let women die on the floor and health care providers do not have to intervene.

Sadly, the bold conservatives needed to counter statements like these are far and few, embodied in figures like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and the late Andrew Breitbart. Even though they profess the majority opinion, they are called narrow-minded, intolerant, bigot extremists because, in Liberal Land, logically stated opposition is treated as lunacy.

The left tells us we need to silence the conservative warriors of our party; but any such suggestions are simply hypocrisy, for the Democratic Party has a team of fearless, rabid dogs ready to attack among their highest ranks. They are fierce, strong, and -- dare I say -- extreme, personified in leaders like Pelosi, Harry Reid, and our president, Barack Obama. They do not tremble in the face of hostility. Rather, they are emboldened by it.

We Republicans need to do the same. Instead of dismissing the Breitbarts of our party, we need to embrace them as the Democrats do.

Do they sometimes go too far? Sure. Like when Breitbart took Shirley Sherrod out of context. Or when Limbaugh-in attempt to illustrate the absurd by being absurd-used two words to describe Georgetown student Sandra Fluke.

Even so, I do not regret defending Limbaugh because, let's be honest, we all know he did not really think Fluke was a slut or a prostitute. He didn't even know her! He merely was being tongue-in-cheek, as is his style, and he sincerely apologized saying on multiple occasions, I again sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for using those two words to describe her.

Compare that to Bill Maher who, in his typical, grotesque, off-putting fashion, called Sarah Palin a dumb t**t or a word too profane to type out in this article-the C-word. But in true liberal fashion, the mainstream media did not even blink an eye.

You see, for all the damage we are told bold conservatives do to the party, we must think where we would be without them. ACORN would still be scamming the government out of millions of dollars. Anthony Weiner would still be sending pictures of his genitalia to young girls. And there would be no one to counter the media when they feel a furrowing up their leg after Obama speaks.

It's thanks to fearless conservatives that liberalism is exposed for all its flaws. The Democrats embrace the warriors of their party, and, despite what the left tells us, we should too. Besides, when did the left ever have our best interest in mind?

Kayleigh McEnany is a writer and political activist who graduated from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and studied at Oxford University. She is the founder of She writes every Tuesday for the International Business Times.