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Ireland To Spend $2.76B To Cut Joblessness, Boost Services

The Irish government will spend more than ?2.25 billion ($2.76 billion) on new infrastructure projects and to restart existing road, school and health care construction projects to create as many as 13,000 jobs without hiking debt, government officials said on Tuesday.

Goldman Sachs 2Q Earnings Falls 11%

Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) booked a 11 percent drop in its second-quarter earnings as revenue from investment banking and lending businesses declined, the New York investment bank said Tuesday.

JPMorgan Traders Might Face Criminal Charges

JPMorgan receives another blow even as it flounders in the midst of a FERC power market manipulation probe and talks with U.S. regulators for its alleged involvement in rigging key benchmark interest rates.

US Regultors Probing Into The Escalating Libor Scandal

Taking inspiration from global regulatory investigations into the interest rate manipulation, the U.S. is now building strong evidence of criminal wrongdoings against big banks and individuals ensnared in the heart of the scam.

Wealthy Homeowners Threaten Housing Recovery

Luxury homeowners are panicking at the prospect of paying millions of dollars more in capital gains taxes from next year. Their soaring desperation could eventually cripple housing prices.

50-50 Chance Of Euro Zone Split: Analyst

The euro zone will not disintegrate. Instead, there is a fifty-fifty chance of a split between the financially sound countries and economically weaker ones, the Economic Outlook Group said on Friday.

Seven Dead In Mauritania Plane Crash, No Survivors

All seven people aboard a plane being used by Kinross Gold Corporation (NYSE: KGC) died when the aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff from an airport in the African nation of Mauritania, officials of the gold mining company said Thursday.

Will ObamaCare Strengthen Small Businesses?

Many small businesses have been paying nearly twice the amount for half the health care benefits that they are entitled to provide their employees. However, under the new health care mandate, health insurance will be more affordable for small companies.

US Small-Business Owners Go Without Pay; UK Helps Its Entrepreneurs

While American politicians such as U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., are pushing to expand federal tax breaks for small businesses, the U.K. government has already announced a move to help early-stage businesses find new means of financing: tax relief for private investors.

Greek Prime Minister Pleads For More Time To Meet Bailout Terms

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras requested on Friday that European Union (EU) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) creditors extend a ?237 billion bailout package for a grace period of two years to help the country survive its fifth year of recession.

New Investments In Euro Funds Restricted In The US

Three of the world's biggest financial institutions in the U.S. are closing their European money market funds to new investments after the European Central Bank (ECB) reduced its benchmark rate to a record low of 0.75 percent and slashed deposit rates to zero on Thursday, undermining global investor confidence.

Emerging Markets Lose Their Sparkle, IMF Says

Hopes that emerging markets will lead the world out of the global economic slowdown are beginning to dim.Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), voiced her concerns over the strength of the global economy, emphasizing that emerging markets, which currently account for two-thirds of global growth, were showing signs of weakening.

Airlines Report June Rise In Passenger Traffic

Some airline companies appear to be faring much better in gaining passenger traffic thanks to a soaring demand for air travel and limited carrier choices -- a trend that has given U.S. airlines wide leeway to maintain overcrowded planes and shoddy customer service.

Foreign Troubles Dim US Earnings Forecasts

The European summit may have increased investor confidence, but weak consumer spending across Europe, along with the rise of the dollar against the euro, is slowing down the global economy, pushing many companies to trim their earnings forecasts.

Sugar Subsidies Face More Opposition On Capitol Hill

Government subsidies for sugar farmers are facing fresh opposition, despite the farmers' successful efforts to defeat a recent bid to eliminate the subsidies that opponents argue endangers public health, reduces employment and costs consumers and businesses billions of dollars.

Italian Bond Markets Rally After EU Summit

The Italian bond market rallied on Tuesday as optimism among investors grew in anticipation of further growth measures from European leaders following the EU summit last week.

Midwest Heat Wave Damages Crop Yields, Presses Food Prices

As the Midwest teeters from the impact of one of the most damaging heat waves in U.S. history, declining yields on crops could hurt the public by raising food and commodity prices to staggering proportions, according to commodities trading data.



Beirut 'Neighbourhood Watch' Echoes Troubled Past

In the darkness of Beirut's unlit streets, men wielding batons and torches are taking security into their own hands in an initiative they hope will keep neighbourhoods safe but critics see as a worrying echo of Lebanon's troubled past.