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Russian Markets Fall on Post-Election Fears

Russia's ruble-denominated Micex index dropped 3.9 percent, while the dollar-denominated RTS fell more than 4.3 percent a day after Monday's Putin bounce lifted both to record highs.

Australian Floods Leave More Than 13,000 Homeless

One of the worst affected areas was the New South Wales town of Wagga Wagga, where 8,000 people were ordered to abandon their homes amid warnings flood waters were expected to breach an 11-meter levee, Reuters reported.

West Offers to Resume Iran Nuke Talks; UN Gets Site Access

Iran on Tuesday said it will give U.N. weapons inspectors access to a secret military complex where it's believed work on a nuclear weapon may be taking place, as Western countries offered to resume talks with Tehran over its nuclear program.

Crowds in Russia Protest 'Skewed' Win By Putin

Thousands of protesters gathered in Moscow and other Russian cities to denounce what they considered an unfair electoral victory Sunday by Vladimir Putin, who will return to his country's presidency in May.

Red Cross Enters Homs; Syria Rebels Warn of 'Massacre'

Rebel fighters were finally driven out of the Baba-Amro district in Homs when forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad launched a final assault on the beleaguered city Thursday after a siege that had lasted 26 days. Meanwhile, Turkey's president said Russia and Iran will have little choice but to join diplomatic efforts toward Assad's ouster .

USAF Chief Talks Up Attack on Iran Nuclear Sites

Military options tabled by the Joint Chiefs of Staff range from supplying the Israeli Air Force with tankers for mid-air refueling, to using the Air Force's 30,000 pound bunker-buster bombs to penetrate fortifications at Iran's Fordo uranium-enrichment facility.

Egypt Ends U.S. NGO Travel Ban

The activists are all accused of obtaining foreign funds without the proper approval of Egyptian authorities and carrying out political activities unrelated to their work.

Besieged: Who are the Journalists Stuck in Syria?

Among the victims of the Syrian uprising are a number of western journalists, the only independent witnesses remaining in the besieged city. Their plight was highlighted after the renowned war correspondent Marie Colvin, 56, and French photographer Remi Ochlik, 28, were both killed when a rocket hit their makeshift media center in the middle of Homs last week.

Shiites Shot Dead in Pakistan

The attack, which has been blamed on Islamist militant groups, occurred in the northern district of Kohistan, which neighbors a former Taliban stronghold in the Swat valley.