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EU Bans Venezuelan and Libyan Airlines Amid Safety Concerns

Conviasa, which was set up by the government of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in 2004, was added to the EU air safety blacklist because of numerous safety concerns as a result of numerous accidents and checks carried out at EU airports.

US, Pakistani Brass Meet As Drone War's Future Hangs In Balance

Wednesday's high-level meeting was the first bilateral military visit since a cross-border attack by NATO helicopters last November killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, prompting Pakistan to re-evaluate its level of cooperation with Western forces in Afghanistan.

Italian Union To Strike Against Monti's Labor Reforms

The UILM, who are affiliated with the 2.2 million strong Italian Labor Union (UIL), said they were calling the strike to protest proposed changes to labor laws set to make it easier for firms to fire workers during hard business times.

Pakistan Rejects US Concessions On Drones: Report

Despite Washington officials offering a series of key concessions -- including giving Pakistan intelligence pre-warning for any strikes -- Islamabad has flatly rejected all offers, leaving already stretching already strained U.S.-Pakistan relations.

German Air Transport Disrupted By Strike

The strike by baggage handlers and ground staff affiliated with the Ver.di union has also led national carrier Lufthansa to cancel hundreds of flights at Germany's largest airports.