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Pop Up Stores Filling Empty Mall Storefronts

As more than 140-millio square feet of shopping mall retail space has closed across the U.S., mall owners look for ways to transform shopper experience by attracting new and developing online...

Microsoft Advances Conversational AI Technology

Microsoft announced it will purchase, XOXOCO, a startup that develops conversational artificial intelligence, or chatbots, to help businesses and employees adopt AI to communicate and work better...

Record Breaking 2019 For Tech IPOs Listings?

Experts say 2019 may be a record-breaking year for American mega-tech IPOs listing year, more than any other year so far this century. So far, 2018 has been the strongest year for IPO listings...

Record Number Women To Serve In Congress

Although some races have not yet been called, voters elected more women than ever before to serve in the 116th Congress, as at least 121 women will serve as lawmakers compared to the current 107.

Petco, Others To Sell All Natural Pet Food

Petco announced Tuesday it will no longer sell dog or cat food and treats that contain artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, online or at its nearly 1,500 stores in the U.S. and Puerto Rico...

Bill Gates Reveals Futuristic Toilet

Philanthropist Bill Gates revealed a futuristic toilet that needs no water, or sewers and uses chemicals to transform human waste into fertilizer. Gates says the reinvention of one of human’s most...
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Key Midterms Issues May Influence The Economy

Key issues that could affect the economy by sparking investor interest are being taken up in 16 states this midterm like election reform, renewable energy, and marijuana legalization.

Democrats Hoping For Blue Wave

In a latest CNN Poll, Democrats remain underdogs in taking control of the Senate. However, key races in Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Missouri and Nevada remain in the margin of error of 4 points or less and are too close to predict.
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Trump, Obama Make Final Pitch Ahead Of Midterms

As President Trump makes his final pitch to elect GOP candidates before the final votes are tallied in the high-stakes midterms, Democrats turn to former President Barack Obama for final arguments.